Let’s Play Tag!

In the world of bloggers there are awards, fabbo interaction and now a game of tag. I was tagged by Paula’s Pontification’s (paularenee@wordpress.com) – a blog I really enjoy. Particularly following Paula’s 30 days of Bikram Yoga. Just wish I could find the time and dedication to do 30 days in a row!

Thanks Paula for tagging me. The rules are as follows:


  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
  • Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
  • Let them know you’ve tagged them!

I am tagging some posts that I really enjoy (there are many more but I can’t fit everyone in!):

Impower You writewhatyouknow.wordpress.com

Bucket List Publications lesleycarter.wordpress.com

Breakthrough Beauty kelizabethr.wordpress.com

Studio Brow studiobrow.wordpress.com

Fashion En Vie fashionenvie.wordpress.com

A Rich Full Life In Spite Of It richfulllife.wordpress.com

It’s A Magical World Buddy http://itsamagicalworldolbuddy.wordpress.com/

Self Professed Product Obsessed http://selfprofessedproductobsessed.wordpress.com/

Words Fall From My Eyes http://wordsfallfrommyeyes.wordpress.com/

Down And Out And Out And About http://amorystour.wordpress.com/

Crengux http://crengux.wordpress.com/

Here are the questions I answered:

The first book you remember reading? The FIRST one, hmmm…I’m sure there were others in childhood but Pollyanna sticks out!! She played the ‘glad game’ – good advice for adulthood J

The first city you lived in? Auckland, New Zealand, and I’ve been back here for a long time.

A place you would one day want to live? Gold Coast, Australia or New York City.

A city or place you want to visit before you die? Italy

The first name you would like if you could change yours? I actually quite like mine – it fits me.

Your favorite fruit? Nectarine.

In addition to blogging, where else do you write? A few magazines.

The last thing you ate? Almonds (protein punch).

The last thing you drank? The Tea Lady’s Champagne and Strawberry tea – yum!

Where you want to be when you die? At home with someone I love.

These are my questions for those I have tagged!

What is your favorite color?

Where do you live?

What makes you happiest?

What inspires you?

What it is your favourite movie of all time?

What impressed you about it?

What do you think are the most important qualities in a person?

What’s your favourite subject to read about?

Second favourite subject?

Third favourite subject?

What do you do for fun?

Thanks for playing tag!  🙂


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