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The Beauty Times They Are-A Changing

This pic is from Treehugger.com – the site dedicated to green living

It’s interesting the changing world we live in. The internet has brought us together, and our voices are able to boom – in a collective way – louder than they ever have before. That’s why the rumblings that have been going on in the beauty world for a while are starting to gain strength.

We have such an awareness now of ingredients, and we question what we put on and in our bodies. The call, more and more, is for natural beauty booty that works.

We’re starting to say no to ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde, lead, and a host of other potentially harmful ingredients.

In response to this, the US Energy and Commerce Committee are holding a Congressional hearing tomorrow, to discuss the need to strengthen federal cosmetic regulations.

I wonder what the outcome will be. It’s a pretty safe bet it will go in favour of being stricter on risky business and controversial ingredients (hurray!).Whatever happens, it will filter out to the rest of the world too I’m sure.

What do you think? Do you feel strongly about the ingredients you use?

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My Sister’s Keeper

I was a bit hesitant to write this post. However, I want to recommend the movie adaptation of the book, My Sister’s Keeper to those who love a deep and meaningful tale!

Jodi Picoult is an amazing writer and she often tackles tricky, controversial issues. And how!! I love them, but I’ve never read this particular book and I made a point of not seeing the movie. It centres around a young girl (Kate) who dies from Leukaemia and her sister (Anna), who is conceived as a donor to help her sister. I didn’t feel I could cope with it.

Then, by chance last night, I had a solo night at home and saw the movie was screening on television. I watched it. It was beautiful. The tears flowed; it was heart wrenching (to me anyway!), yet it was sensitively done.

At the end, Kate had died, and the family came together for their annual ritual of remembering Kate on her birthday. Anna says: “I don’t know why Kate had to die and I got to live, there’s no reason I guess. Death is just death. The point is I HAD a sister and she was fantastic. One day I’m sure I’ll see her again, and until then our relationship continues.”

Here’s a link to that scene:  http://youtu.be/BsUfB-h_tq4

Beautiful huh? The irony for me was that yesterday was the 24th March. It was my sister’s birthday. Cathy died aged 16 from terminal illness. And the funny thing was my Dad used to call her Kate. So, I hope after all these years; Jodi won’t mind if I take Anna’s words for my own.

Kate: Sofia Vassilieva

Anna: Abigail Breslin

Mum: Cameron Diaz

Dad: Jason Patric

Aunt Kelly: Healther Wahlquist

Brother Jesse: Evan Ellingson

Black and White Inspiration




Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good bit of black and white stripe. What do you think?

What about with that shot of chartreuse mixed with the black? I’m a bit of a pink girl myself, but that black with the chartreusey-yellow is inspired (in my humble opinion)!

Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Serum – Feedback

I gave a friend a bottle of Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Serum at Christmas time. She lives in Sydney so I don’t see her all the time. Then what-ho, I got a text from her yesterday extolling its virtues. I just had to share it with you! It’s a true review…

“OMG, have I just discovered the best serum on the market? My face is thanking me every morning! It’s from Origins. Never before did I understand why one would use a serum followed by cream. My face feels a lot fresher and, being in an air-conditioned office all day, isn’t as dry either. I’m addicted. Thank you so much from my skin :-)” – Alicia Newton, Sales Manager Cosmopolitan magazine.

Moi: Don’t you just love that? Hope it helps you. FYI serums use very small molecules of potent ingredients and absorb easily. Use them before moisturiser. They’re not meant to take the place of your daily dose of moisture but are an addendum. That said, I’ve heard some say they only feel the need of a serum and if that works for you, great.

$97.00 NZD from http://www.meccacosmetica.co.nz